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The current year of publication should be displayed first in the facet.

The sorting in the facet starts with the year 2018. Only after expanding twice the current year 2021 appears. The sorting does not make sense this way and the customer gets the impression that we do not have any current media.

  • Anita Nuvolin
  • Mar 17 2021
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  • Anita Nuvolin commented
    10 Dec, 2021 12:47pm

    Hi Magdalena, Hi Mrs. Bendel-Claus,

    Thank you for the question and for the explanation. This is was I meant.
    A good example is the search for the word "M�nchen" in our arena. When a
    customer wants a travel guide for this city and searches for it,
    the first impression is that the media library contains the latest books
    from 2018.

    Best regards
    Anita Nuvolin


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    Datum: 10.12.2021 11:01
    Betreff: Judith Bendel-Claus responded to idea ARENA-I-269 The
    current year of publication should be displayed first in the facet.

  • Judith Bendel-Claus commented
    10 Dec, 2021 10:00am

    Hi, I voted für this idea and therefore try to explain my view: If the search result contains few hits in the current year, it looks at first glance as if there are no current titles. Only when you click on "show more" do all years open in the facet publication year. Therefore, the facet publication year should not show the years sorted by the frequency of hits, but always all years in descending order. Best regards Judith Bendel-Claus

  • Admin
    Magdalena Olofsson (Axiell) commented
    10 Dec, 2021 08:57am


    I'm not sure I understand what you mean, can you please give an example?


    Magdalena Olofsson