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More Mobile Library routing information via Arena (inc. Route/Stop ID)

We want a way to record/display Mobile Libraries routing information for route and stop ID when items are reserved, by the public, online through Arena.

At the moment, staff reservations of the mobile libraries are great as you can select the mobile library, route and stop meaning the slip printer includes all information it needs to get the item to the customer; when and where.

When the routing information comes from a customer reservation placed online via Arena, it only displays as the mobile library and excludes any other information.

The reason why this would be good is because for most stops the library only visits each stop once a month on a 4 weekly rota, so if it had the stop information (like staff reservations in Spark) then the stock team only need to load the item into the mobile library van when they're doing that stop on that day.

Hopefully makes sense :)

  • Rowan Potter
  • Jul 28 2021
  • Needs review
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