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Create a photo gallery for display in Arena

I have been creating webpages for our past students, class by class, and we have a number of class photos in our archive.
This shows how I have had to do it in Arena so far.

But I am transferring these files from our Moodle site, and Moodle allowed me to create what they call a Lightbox Gallery which showed the photos in a much better way, something like a slide show.

The initial page (see attached file) sets out all the items in the gallery, but when you click on one it opens it up as a picture, and you can scroll through by clicking Next (top right-hand side) and Previous (top left-hand side).

While this would be great for me, I think that public libraries might find this useful as well as a way of displaying a range of pictures, perhaps of an event, or a selection from their local studies collections etc.

  • Frank Trew
  • Sep 9 2021
  • Needs review
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