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Option for file type and file size information in link text

WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidance says that, although not required for compliance, many users prefer to know the file type when opening a link to a non-html source. Some accessibility policies recommend that file type and file size be included as part of the link text. For example "Copyright policy (PDF, 28KB)".

At the moment, should we wish to include this information, we have to look up the file size and type it in. If the document we're linking to is subsequently updated or replaced with a newer version, it would be very easy to neglect updating the file type/file size details that we put in the link text.

My idea is for there to be an option in the link dialogue box that would append the file type and file size information to the link display text.

  • Geoffrey Redman
  • Sep 15 2021
  • Under investigation
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